The Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick is govern by Private Bill Legislation (Bill 8 & Bill 44) The Act is the constitution of the organization. The Act passed on February 26, 1998 and designates that any person working in the cosmetology industry must hold a valid license with the CANB.

On March 26, 2014 the government of New Brunswick passed Bill 44, An Act to Amend an Act Incorporate the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick.

Act Bylaws

The By-laws are voted on at an Annual meeting and adopted by the association. Any member can submit a motion to propose, amend or delete any by-law. Motions must be submitted 60 days prior to the annual meeting. Motions can not be detrimental to the Association. The proposed motion is presented to the By-law Committee and if approved forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval, once it has been accepted it is sent to the membership 20 days prior to the annual meeting. Members who submit the proposed by-law must be in attendance to present their position on the motion and they must have a seconder for the motion. If the member is not present the by-law will not be voted on.

2018-2019 By-laws

Our Mission

The Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick is a professional self-regulatory licensing body for all aspects of the beauty industry. The objects of the Association are to promote and improve the education and training of its members and to maintain efficient and sanitary service and facilities for the public.

Under the An Act to Incorporate the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick 1998 and An Act to Amend An Act to Incorporate the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick 2014, we are responsible for our own governance, which is a privilege. All members are required to meet our professional standards and criteria defined by the CANB.


The Board of Directors and the By-law Committee have collaborated with a governing specialist to modernize our existing by-law book by focusing on our mission and mandate to promote the cosmetology industry and to protect the public. We, the By-law Committee are proposing to adopt a new conducive by-law book, simplifying the context, removing articles inconsistent with our legislation and adding definitions, clearly defining the interpretations within the new book. With these changes and with the recommendations to create a more effective governance, a policy book has been developed and available to the membership, outlining the proposed policies of the Association.

We invite and encourage all members to review both the proposed by-law book and policies book thoroughly prior to the Annual General Meeting and contact the Executive Director for clarification, additional information or share concerns and suggestions. Members who wish to obtain the policies book by mail or e-mail are invited to contact the office for a copy.

Proposed by-law book

Proposed policy book