After many months and many interviews, the HR and Governance Committee and Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Kelsey Flowers has joined the CANB team as the Office Manager.

Thank you to the CANB team for taking on challenges well beyond the scope of your job descriptions and dealing with the ever-evolving changes at a rapid pace. In times like these, patience, understanding, and mutual support is important and essential.

The CANB Team is now complete and all are back to work and ready to go!

We are excited to have a Members Only Facebook Page - CANB/ACNB
-This will be a safe place for members to receive information and to promote productive and kind discussions.
-Posts will be monitored and deleted if it not in the good spirit of the association and its members. There will be no swearing, protesting, demeaning or derogatory comments allowed.

TO JOIN: you must answer the following questions:
1. I am a valid member of the CANB? You must provide your valid license number to join!
2. I understand that this is not a forum to discredit or demean my fellow cosmetologist?
3. What is your purpose for wanting to be on this Facebook page?