6 April 2021

In October, we hired a lobbying firm to represent our interests and advocate for our members to remain open during the orange phase and we were successful. At that time, the red phase had never been activated in New Brunswick and it was far more restrictive along the lines of the new lockdown phase that was implemented in the Edmundston area in January.

As a result of the implementation of the red phase and the lockdown phase, we re-engaged the lobbying firm in January. Their mandate has been to assist us in convincing the government to allow our members to remain open in the red phase. Although those restrictions were lifted shortly after we re-hired the lobbyists we were proactive and continued pushing for change for a potential future red phase which is now affecting our members in the Edmundston region.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been successful but we continue to push at the political level.

CANB and our lobbyist have had discussions on behalf of members at the highest levels of government, including the premier's office, the health minister's office, and the head of public health.  These conversations continue this week.

In addition, we are also pushing the government to amend its Small Business Recovery Grant which currently unfairly excludes our members who are sole proprietors.

We need your help to continue to push this forward.  We have found that our current efforts are unsuccessful in part because the government does not recognize the urgency of the matter.  We are encouraging all CANB members to write and call their local MLAs with a particular emphasis on Progressive Conservative MLAs who form the government.  We have attached a guide on how to craft your message

Please visit the Elections New Brunswick website to find your MLA and contact them: https://www1.gnb.ca/Elections/en/provstreetkey/provskinformation-e.asp

We will continue our efforts and ask for your continued support.  Together, we can overcome these challenges.

Please ensure that you notify any staff or fellow cosmetologists of this information.
Stay safe.
We are all in this together. 
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