We are so grateful to everyone who attended this year’s hybrid Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 29th, 2023! We loved hearing from you and look forward to hosting next year’s AGM.


The CANB would like to welcome its newest board member, Sarah Melanson - a member of the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick since 2007!

Please find below a list of the by-laws and the policy that have passed during the AGM:

Amend: By-law 9a) License and examination fees shall be as follows: [...] Renewal as a Mobile Cosmetologist(annual) $60.00 [...]

Amend: By-law 9b) $80.00 fee + $40.00 registration fee for the reopening of a cosmetology salon under the same owner that was previously granted a salon permit and providing that no structural changes have occurred.

Amend: By-law 9c) The renewal fee for any license or permit which has not been renewed within 30 days of its date of expiration shall be $120.00, except for school permits and mobile license renewals to be $250.00.

Amend: By-law 9d) Duplicate certificate may be issued upon proof of loss of original and payment of $20.00.

Amend: By-law 9e) If a student fails an exam, they may re-take an additional exam after 30 days for a cost of $30.00 per unit. If the student is unsuccessful, they must take additional training with a licensed instructor before attempting a third exam.

Amend: By-law 9f) Where an applicant has met the requirements for a school permit and the Examining & Licensing Committee so recommends, the Examining & Licensing Committee may direct a permit be issued upon payment of $800.00. A school permit shall have a once-a-year inspection and any inspections required after shall be at the expense of the school.

ADD: By-law 1.1 t) A cosmetologist must have three (3) years of consecutive working experience in a registered cosmetology establishment, upgrading training of 20 hours per year in order to apply and maintain a master cosmetologist license annually.

ADD: By-law 6.17(d) Instructors shall provide, in writing, to the Examining & Licensing Committee, confirmation of each student’s total number of hours of training under the instructor’s direct supervision.

Amend: Policy 5 (f) To qualify for temporary permission, the student must submit to the Executive Director, in accordance with prescribed course of study, the following: a logbook documenting all hours obtained under a licensed instructor; a copy of the diploma from the registered school; confirmation of client completions; and any other documents requested by the Examining and Licensing Committee.

For any questions related to the information shared above, please contact our office at

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