Our Mission

The Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick is a professional self-regulatory licensing body for all aspects of the beauty industry. The objects of the Association are to promote and improve the education and training of its members and to maintain efficient and sanitary service and facilities for the public.

Under the An Act to Incorporate the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick 1998 and An Act to Amend An Act to Incorporate the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick 2014, we are responsible for our own governance, which is a privilege. All members are required to meet our professional standards and criteria defined by the CANB.

Public Safety

Any person working in the cosmetology industry must hold a valid license with CANB/ACNB. This is proof that the Cosmetologist has completed the necessary requirements in infection control and possesses the necessary skills to perform cosmetology services in the Province of New Brunswick. 

Any member of the public may initiate a complaint. Complaints may be submitted to the Association in writing, by phone, online, or in person. Complaints received by the Association will be registered with the Executive Director, who will communicate such complaints to the disciplinary committee. The Executive Director will notify the respondent of a complaint, if appropriate.
(section 5.6 & 5.7 of ByLaw Booklet)

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