The Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick is the provincial regulatory body responsible for maintaining our provincial legislation which includes managing licenses, advocating on behalf of the profession, performing health inspections, delivering training, and building up our member community. Like many other regions in North America, our province is fortunate that our industry and our clients are protected by legislation.

Being a licensed member of a regulated industry is a superpower. It demonstrates to your clients a high level of commitment to health, safety, best practices, and ongoing learning. Not only is it a legal requirement for cosmetologists in NB, but having a license is an opportunity to build a foundation of trust with your clients.

Given the current climate where health and safety are top of mind, we encourage you to put your clients at ease by sharing that you have a license.
  • Cosmetologists are experts in sanitization; using sterilized or new tools with each client and sanitizing thoroughly between visits.
  • We receive specialized training in infectious disease control and maintain controlled environments through scheduling one-on-one appointments with our clients.
  • We know of no transmission of Covid-19 in any of our members’ businesses. 

You may also wish to inform your clients upfront that you are licensed and part of a regulated industry. We have included some social media posts that you can download to share on your own social media profiles. Please use the hashtag #RegulatedForAReason with your post! 

We will continue to share these messages as well, through social media, government advocacy, and in the media. We are very proud of our regulated industry and the professionalism of our licensed practitioners. You lift people up every day while maintaining the highest standards of quality and care.

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