Elected Executive Officers of the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick
President - Paul Ouellette (elected Oct 17th, 2021)
Past President - Penny Seelye-Sweet
Vice-President - Colleen Jones McLeod (elected Oct 17th, 2021)
Treasurer - Gisèle Pyne (elected Oct 17th, 2021)
Secretary - Norma Brine (elected Oct 17th, 2021)

Board Members
Pam Munn
Samantha Walters
Melissa Harrison (elected Oct 17th, 2021)
Ashley McDavid (elected Oct 17th, 2021)
Douglas Black (elected Oct 17th, 2021)

Examining & Licensing Committee
Colleen Jones-McLeod - Chairperson 
Norma Brine
Randi McKnight
Douglas Black
Samantha Walters
Ashley McDavid
Paul Ouellette
Darlene Boudreau-McKay
Pam Munn

Finance Committee
Gisèle Pyne - Chairperson
J. Gaye Cail
Douglas Black

Human Resources and Governance Committee
Gisele Pyne – Chairperson
Penny Seelye-Sweet
Colleen Jones-McLeod
Norma Brine

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